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Creative Classes

The first art class with 50 children was established at a Youth Centre in Kibera. Since then, the Creative Classes grew to many more classes containing different disciplines like Art, Ballet, Music, Drama, Dance, Circus Acrobatics, Creative Writing Story Telling involving more then 2500 children in Kenya and 700 in Malawi.

At this moment, a selection of our classes are held at our Art Centre Space in Kibera where we created a usable space for the children to work during the time of the corona pandemic. 


In the art classes, the children learn different painting and drawing techniques, handcraft and sculpturing. During the the One Fine Day Artist Workshop with international artists, the children and the art teachers get new inspiration for the lessons. 




The Ballet Classes teaches the children the basic steps based on the model of the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). Together with Kenyan ballet teachers, choreographies are rehearsed and performed at regular intervals. The British dancer and dance teacher Anna Night from Anno's Africa initiated the ballet class in 2008, which repeatedly receives a lot of attention. Anna Night travels regularly to Nairobi to study new levels of the RAD together with the Kenyan teachers. The lessons are flanked by changing international ballerinas who regularly rehearse and perform galas with the ballet children.


Circus Acrobatic

In this popular class, the children and teenagers learn all kinds of circus acrobatics, including juggling, building pyramids, flick-flapping, tightrope dancing and unicycling. The artistic tricks are combined with the ballet and dance performances and successfully incorporated into choreographies.



Here, the children learn both traditional and contemporary dance styles. For a music video for the piece PING by the German musician and composer Hauschka, TANZ KLASSE and our Kenyan teacher Consolata Nduta have rehearsed a choreography that is repeatedly performed at various events. 



In this class, the children write their own songs under professional guidance of the music teachers creating the lyrics and the music. The learn how to play musical instruments, such as Guitar and drums. During past MASTERCLASSES with international musicians the children create a song which which where recorded at a professional music studio in Nairobi (Many Thanks to Supersonic).



In the drama class, the children learn basic acting techniques and devote themselves to story-writing and story-telling. The pieces are performed at the end of the school year and at school festivals. They children acted in Supastaz, a short film on child trafficking. Many of them have educational aspects and deal with critical living circumstances such as domestic violence and exclusion.

Supastaz BTS9.jpeg

Creative Writing & Storytelling Class


In this special course, the children learn how to write poems and short stories on a wide variety of topics and learn the various techniques of writing.

The Creative Story Telling Class has had a strong positive impact to the children’s school performance. 

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