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Our Partners


One Fine Day Partnering Schools

The Anno’s One Fine Day Art Classes were introduced in 2008, following the two-month long ANNO’S AFRICA Intensive Workshops at the respective partnering Schools and are held throughout the year for one afternoon a week in all disciplines.


Our Partner Schools:

Valley View Academy Mathare

Spurgeons School / Kibera

KAG School / Kibera

Red Rose / Kibera

Rain Edge School / Nakuru


Anno's One Fine Day Collaborations

Scope Market Kenya

A special thanks to Scope Market Kenya for their wonderful generosity in giving food packages  including masks  to over 800 families of the children in our creative arts program in Kibera during this period where the world is faced with the pandemic covid 19 . It was a gesture of extraordinary kindness and we are all very, very grateful.

German School - Kenya

In October 2019  Anno’s One Fine Day started the first Art Exchange Workshop with the German school in Nairobi. 12 Children from our partner school Valley View Academy in Mathare accompanied by the art Teacher Steve Onyango and the children from the art class of the German School, were able to create and arts project together. This Art Exchange program has been very inspiaring for everyone involved.


Alliance Francaise

For the past two years, starting in 2018, Anno’s Africa initiated a Ballet Gala in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi.  The Galas where organized by Nicholas Jones and Julia Bergua from the Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal organized who came out with a group of International Ballet Dancers to perform on behalf of the charity in support of young dancers from our Ballet program. The venue was generously offered to our CBO - Anno’s One Fine Day, the proceeds of this special evening went to the CBO Anno’s One Fine Day to support the Arts Project. We are grateful for this collaboration and looking forward to the next Ballet Gala in 2020.



In November 2017, 6 girls from our Anno’s One Fine Day Ballet Program where invited by UNICEF Italy to perform at their fundraising gala “Prodigi, la musica é vita 2” in Rome.

Thanks to that special event, Anno’s One Fine Day became an official partner of UNICEF Kenya which has supported our program in 2019 to run our creative programs at our partnering schools in Kibera, Mathare and Nakuru.


Prisma Dance 

The Anno's One Fine and Prisma Dance exchange program started in 2016 when children form our creative art classes were invited for a 3 days camping holidays organised by Prisma Dance at the Word Of Life premises in Kabete. The children they where able to participate in various artistic workshops e.g. Art, Hip Hop Dance and Music.

Further on the exchange program extended in to teachers training workshop. A team of the Anno’s One Fine Day teachers travelled to Busia (Western Kenya) to held classes in African Dance, Music, Art and Acrobatics for the children of the village.


The Teachers from Prisma Dance contributed to our arts program teaching Hip Hop, Ballet and Art. We are looking forward to many more years working together.

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