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Our Team

Most of our Kenyan team members have been with us from the very beginning of the project which was founded in 2006 by Anno's Africa and later on was joined by One Fine Day e.V. founded in 2008.


During these years of working together, our Kenyan teachers team has always been highly motivated and teaching with great passion. Thanks to their excellent work, the project gained the trust of the children, their parents and the teachers of our partner schools.


Krysteen Savane

Founder / Director Anno's One Fine Day

Krysteen Savane is a Kenyan Creative Producer & Actress. She has worked

on both stage and screen for several years and has starred in various Shows on local TV stations. Krysteen starred in multiple films including Soul Boy, Ndoto za Elibidi, Ni Sisi & most recently on the Netflix series, Sense 8.

She produced the award winning film 'Ni Sisi' for SAFE Kenya, and worked

as an associate producer for Watatu and co-directed the short film Malika. She also worked as a Production manager on 'Watu Wote' (All of Us), a short film that won Best Short Film at the Student Oscar Awards 2017, and was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Live Action short film, in 2018.

Between 2004 and 2015 Krysteen worked as a producer, production manager and actress for the Kenyan NGO SAFE Kenya, that is using street theatre to educate and inspire social change.

In 2006 Krysteen helped set up the Anno’s Africa arts program with Bee Gilbert in Nairobi where she co-organised the 6 weeks Artistic Anno’s Africa Pilot Program. European mentors worked alongside Kenyan teachers, offering creative classes in dance, ballet, drama, music, acrobatics, creative writing and visual arts for children and young people in a school in  Majengo, Nairobi.

In 2008 the Berlin based charity One Fine Day e.V. was set up as a continuation program of the Anno’s Africa intensive workshops to implement the taught content throughout the year in weekly creative

classes in Kibera and Mathare. Since the inception, Krysteen runs the

ANNO'S AFRICA and ONE FINE DAY Creative Arts program.

In 2017 Krysteen founded the Kenyan CBO Anno’s One Fine Day as an affiliate to Anno’s Africa and One Fine Day as a sustainable measure for the arts program. 

Consolata Nduta .jpg

Consolata Nduta

African Dance

Consolata Nduta is a dancer, dance trainer, choreographer and a singer. After her Education she started dance at Bomas of Kenya in 1991-1994 as a cultural dancer of all types of dances in Kenya. In 1995 she joined Safari cats as contemporary dancer and then advanced to salsa, Jazz and Oriental Dances up to the year 1999.In 2002 she became a dance teacher and choreographer at Shangilia Mtoto wa Africa children's home and toured countries like Germany USA and Greece with Shangilia children's dance troupe and choir. In 2006 Consolata joined ANNO’S AFRICA and ONE FINE DAY as a dance teacher and choreographer.

Beth Mwangi__Acrobatic _ Nailart.jpg

Beth Mwangi

Acrobatic & Nailart

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Beth discovered her passion for performing during her childhood. Growing up her talent was natured in platforms like inter school competitions and church. Immediately after high school she joined the acting industry where she performed both on stage and screen. She participated in various dance workshops and residencies locally and internationally including Kenya, Senegal and Berlin and has performed alongside acrobats with the five continent Royal circus in Russia for seven months. “As a dancer I am able to connect to various people without the fear of being misunderstood or not understood at all. Body movements are universal and they relay the truthfulness of the issue. It is on this premise that I am venturing into tapping into this power to address some important issues which for some reason have been overlooked.” Currently Beth is working for ANNO’S ONE FINE DAY teaching the Acrobatic Classes.

Ambesh Ambiyo_ART.jpg

Ambesh Ambiyo


Ambiyo is a graduate teacher from Kenyatta University with a degree in Early childhood development and is also an Arts and Craft teacher who has been practicing for the past 10 years. She has been working at the Logo’s Christian School, Bunks and Biddles, teaching Art at Emerald International school and doing loads of home schooling with children who have special needs. Ambyio runs a children’s book camp called Impact for Life and Eternity where they encourage young children to read and use their creativity to explore life. She has been working for Anno’s Africa and one fine day since its inception teaching the Art Class.


Paul Njogu (Kades)

Creative Writing Story Telling

Peter Njogu, rose in the entertainment industry as an actor. He has been working with ANNO’S AFRICA  and ONE FINE DAY as a creative and Drama trainer since the very beginning in 2006 where he has perfected his skills and love of working with kids in drama. As a writer and drama director he worked at St.Teresa’s primary, St. Teresa’s secondary and Jamuhuri High school both as a writer and drama director. He worked as an actor for SAFE GHETTO  and has also been writing for the national comic Shujaaz strip for many years and acting in the radio versions. Currently Peter Njogu is working as an creative producer and presenter for radio for WELL TIÒLD STORY.

Irungu Wairimu .jpg

Irungu Wairimu


Irush has been teaching the Acrobatic Classes with ANNO'S AFRICA and ONE FINE DAY since it inception in 2006. He has worked as an actor and a puppeteer and was previously a member with SAFE Kenya.

Samuel Mutie.jpg

Samuel Mutie


Samuel is a performer who started his acrobatic career with Sarakasi trust in 2005 and he has been able to achieve experience in different disciplines such as clubs and hats juggling, unicycling, flips on ground recently learning teeterboard. Samuel has participated in numerous performances competitions and workshops locally and internationally including extreme convention in Belgium, Circo de perce in Italy, Festival Mundial in the Netherlands and was certified as a power vinyasa, yoga teacher in Sul Filo del Circo in Italy. He performed in at the CIRCUS RONCALLY, Germany, Oman, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Russia. In 2010 he won the international contemporary circus festival in gruliasco Italy with the group nafsiafrica acrobats and was the winner at ORANGE STREAT YA BEAT a local dance competition aired on NTV. Samuel currently works with the Jambo brothers touring in Germany and is a member of ANNO’S AFRICA and ONE FINE DAY arts program teaching the Acrobatic Classes since 2010.

Kevin Oduor .jpg

Kevin Odur


Kevin Odur has been doing acrobatic officially since 2003. He started with a group called Aseghai Acrobat further on he worked with Pamoja Acrobat and is currently a member Jambo brothers Acrobats. He has performed for various events in Kenya and was invited to perform in Russia, Hungary, Italy Spain and Germany. Kevin has been with Anno’s One Fine Day since 2015 teaching the One Fine Day Acrobatic classes.

Jackton Atulo_Ballet.jpg

Jackton Atulo


Jackson is a Nairobi based artist; dancer/choreographer and percussionist specialty on traditional, afro-fusion, ballet and contemporary dance. He has been widely involved in initiation of different projects and groups e.g. community based organizations, kids projects, dance groups on both community and professional levels, establishing a strong traditional/ethnic dance background and community based consultancy skills. He later ventured into contemporary/modern dance with the aim of expanding his experiences, went through various trainings and workshops including ‘DANCE ENCOUNTERS’ under Gaara Projects (2004) alongside international choreographers and dancers. Between 2005/7 he participated in a number of folk festivals across Europe. In 2008 and 2010 respectively, he went through a residential training at Ecole Des Sable, Senegal and improved his skills

under the artistic direction of legendary GERMAINE ACOGNY and young African choreographers residency under the name ‘CHRYSALIDES’, co-directed by Patrick Acogny (France/Senegal), Opiyo Okach (France/Kenya), Salia Sanu and Seydou Boro (Burkina Faso), working closely with sceneographer’s, technicians, sound composer and visual artists. From 2011 he has been working in a choreographic experimental projects;’ DANCE LABARATORY’, alongside dancers from Kenya and different parts of Africa. He has been involved in offering and conducting classes in Traditional /Afro-fusion, Ballet, contemporary dances and also dance aerobics and yoga. Since 2017 Atulu teachers the One Fine Day Ballet Classes.


Melvin Magina


Is a professional performing dancer and dance teacher, with experience in modern Hip Hop, African, Contemporary and Ballet. He hase 10 years’ experience in stage performance both locally and internationally and five years’ experience in teaching. He currently is taking intermediate and advanced Ballet classes and teaches the One Fine Day Ballet Classes since 2019.

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 14.28.51.png

Brian O Kepher


Brian O. Kepher graduated from Kenyatta University in August 2017 with a Diploma in Music that saw him secure employment as the Music Director and Classroom Teacher at the Arusha Meru International School in Arusha, Tanzania. In 2018, he attended the Autumn Academic Semester at the University of Music Geneva (Haute école de musique Genève-Neuchâtel) Geneva, Switzerland, as a guest student. 

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