German Federal Minister Of Economic Cooperation & Development Visits The Art Centre Plot
On August 16th 2019, Gerd Muller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, visited our project in Kibera. Accompanied by his wife and a small delegation he was received by 300 students from our One Fine Day art classes, who presented their skills in music, art, ballet, acrobatics and dance. During a walk in Kibera, we were able to give the Federal Minister an insight into the special living conditions of the children, and finally visited our newly acquired property, on which we are building our ARTS CENTER to secure Anno’s One Fine Day a lasting future in Kibera.
The Minister was very impressed by our project, the commitment of our engagement which for the past 11 years had made a lasting positive difference to the difficult living conditions of children in the largest slum in East Africa.
I’m impressed by the project and the commitment to better the lives of these children.
Gerd Muller
German Federal Minister Of
Economic Cooperation & Development

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