We have developed an educational program where children and young adults can explore their artistic abilities and encounter art as a tool to better understand themselves and the world they live in. Musical, dance or other artistic performances are regularly performed in connection with the creative classes programs.


In the art classes the children learn different painting and drawing techniques, handcraft, Weaving, and sculpturing. The children are allowed to explore their imaginations by using their creative mind.


In this class, the children are taught how to write and read music. They are given a chance to learn to play musical instruments such as the guitar, marimba, keyboard, flutes etc. With the professional guidance of the music teachers and music masterclasses the children learn how to create lyrics and compose songs that they can sing and record.


In the drama class, the children learn basic acting techniques and devote themselves to story-writing and story-telling. They are also taught voice projection, movement, improvisation and given tips on how to audition. The pieces are performed at the end of the school year. Some of the talented children and young adults were casted for acting roles in national and international film productions, such as SUPAMODO, STYX, SUNBANNED & SUPASTAZ


The ballet classes teach the children the basic steps based on the model of the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). Together with Kenyan ballet teachers, choreographies are rehearsed and performed at regular intervals. There is the beginners class for ballet which has the younger children and also the advanced ballet students who are able to learn points. The ballet teacher also fuses ballet with contemporary dance and they create choregraphies. In the past the ballet students have had to perform together with international Ballet dancers at the Alliance Francaise for an annual Ballet Gala Event organised yearly.

& Circus

In this popular class, the children and teenagers learn all kinds of circus acrobatics, including juggling, building pyramids, flick-flapping, tightrope dancing and unicycling hoop, silks. The artistic tricks are combined with the ballet and dance performances and successfully incorporated into choreographies.


The African Dance class teaches both traditional and contemporary modern dance choreographies to the children where they are fused. The children are also able to learn about their different cultural dances from their historical backgrounds.


In this special course, the children learn how to write poems and short stories on a wide variety of topics and learn the various techniques of writing and how to tell stories from their own perspective. The class has had a strong positive impact on the children’s school performance.

Nail Art

The older girls who are in the Nail art class are given basic nail art skills where they are taught how to do manicured nails and pedicures. They are taught simple designs where they can do nail application to a client.


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