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The UK based arts charity Anno's Africa was founded by Bee Gilbert and Andrew Birkin in 2006 as an alternative arts educational program for children living in slum conditions in Kenya and in cities and towns in northern Malawi.

The charity was set up in memory of their son, Anno Birkin (www.anno.co.uk) a young, gifted writer and musician who died in a car crash in 2001, just one month short of his 21st birthday. (http://www.annosafrica.org.uk/)


The community based organisation ANNO’S ONE FINE DAY was founded by Krysteen Savane in 2018 in Nairobi as an affiliate of ANNO’S AFRICA and ONE FINE DAY e.V., two charitable organizations based in London and Berlin respectively. Over the last eleven years, together with Krysteen Savane and a Kenyan team of artists, Anno’s Africa and One Fine Day have been working closely together, supporting children from disadvantaged areas to discover their creative potential and take control of their own lives through practicing various artistic disciplines.


One Fine Day e.V. was founded by Marie Steimann and Tom Tykwer in 2008 in Berlin in order to complement and broaden Anno’s Africa’s engagement. Their work predominantly takes place in the largest slums of Nairobi, Kenya: Kibera and Mathare. Most of the children who participate in their program are confronted with poverty, violence and illness in their daily lives. One Fine Day and Anno’s Africa offer an alternative future for them through their encounter with the arts. Weekly workshops include such categories as fine arts, dance, ballet, theatre, music, acrobatics and creative writing/story telling. (https://www.onefineday.org/)