There is no limit to what young people can accomplish when allowed to explore their creativity
There is no limit to what young people can accomplish when allowed to explore their creativity
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Our Story

We believe that every child and young person deserves the chance to discover their talents and build self-confidence through creative expression, and we are here to help them reach their full potential! Our program allows children and adolescents to explore their artistic abilities and use the arts as an essential tool to better understand themselves, their environment and the world they live in.  

Our Impact

We are convinced that learning individual creative skills decisively influences a person's path in life and significantly shapes self-confidence with regard to professional orientations and a self-determined life plan.
The long-term results prove us right. Many of the children and young people who have participated in our workshops and programs refer to these experiences as milestones in their decision-making and the bolder shaping of their life paths.


Over a 100 children and young adults enroll every year


Over 2500 families in Kibera and Mathare have benefited from the program


40 Sponsored teens attending highschool
  • “Hands in the Air” by Pilocka Krach feat. One Fine Day Music Kids

    In February 2018 musician and producer, Pilocka Krach, travelled to Nairobi to write a song with the One Fine Day music club. Due to political unrest in Kibera, Pilocka had only 3 days instead of the planned 6 to create the song, “Hands in the Air” in a dusty school classroom in Kibera. Here the children worked feverishly on their lyrics and practiced the choir parts and on the 4th day they went into the studio to record their songs.

  • “Smoke Machine” by Dear Reader feat. One Fine Day Music Kids

    “Gari la moshi” is the Swahili word for train, literally translated, as “smoke machine”. Every day at regular intervals a train rushes noisily right through the centre of Kibera, Nairobi, the largest slum in East Africa. In 2015 South African singer-songwriter, Cherilyn MacNeil AKA Dear Reader, travelled to Kibera with the charity, One Fine Day, to do a songwriting workshop with kids living in the slum. Together they created the song, “Smoke Machine”, creating beats out of field recordings they recorded in Kibera, and singing in English and Swahili about the train that runs through the heart of their home.

  • #TendaWema: Krysteen Savane talkes about empowering children and teenagers through art amidst a Pandemic

    Using Dance, Music, Creative Writing, Ballet and Acroatics, Anno’s One Fine Day has been keeping children and teenagers in Kibera and Mathare safe from child sexual abuse in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Food Distribution in Kibera & Mathare

    During the Covid 19 Pandemic, Scope Markets Kenya partnered with Anno’s One Fine Day. We were able to distribute food packages to 1000 Children’s families who are involved in our creative arts program, in Kibera & Mathare.


    The key cast is part of Anno’s One Fine Day, a children’s art program that empowers children through creative arts: dance, music, ballet, creative writing, drama acrobatic, African & contemporary dance. SUPASTAZ Film was shot on location in Mathare and Kibera in October 2021, More than 150 people participated in the making of the film. All the child actors are first-timers in the film and are all part of the AOFD arts program in various disciplines.

  • A traditional dance for the Ukrainian Embassy

    The Anno’s One Fine Day dance class were invited to perform at a fundraiser event for the Ukrainian Embassy held at Alliance Française Nairobi. The performance was choreographed by Consolata Nduta.

  • Jerusalema Challenge

    On this world children’s day, we celebrated the Anno’s One Fine Day children with this video of their rendition of the Jerusalema Challenge.

  • Anno’s One Fine Day, Advanced ballet students performance

    Advanced ballet dancers from Anno’s One Fine Day arts program performed a ballet piece choreographed by their teacher Melvin Magina.

Thank You Notes From Our Stars

A handful thank you notes from our stars here at Anno's One Fine Day.
  • Zoen
    16 Years Old

    I’m thankful to Anno’s One Fine Day for helping me discover my talent as a ballet dancer.


  • Bonface Oguna
    16 Years Old

    I would like to thank Anno’s One Fine Day for the great support in my education. I have gotten a chance to goo through high school and I appreciate that I have been molded to becoming a man that will be appreciated.

    -Bonface Oguna
  • Beau Bailey
    19 Years Old

    I’m really thankful to Anno’s for it occupies a solid part of my life. I’ve been in the Anno’s One Fine Day Visual Art class since I was 7 years and the experience has been wonderful as they have walked with me till today. I have been able to sharpen my talent in art and design, film acting as well. I have been taken through high school under their scholarship program and I’m now in University. I’m proud to say, I am who I am today because of Anno’s One Fine Day.

    -Beau Bailey
  • Mary Bwakali
    17 Years Old

    Grateful for the support, I’m getting through Anno’s one Fine Day for my school fees which has helped me to focus on my academics, and also nurture my talent as a dancer. We are grateful as a family and happy to be part of Anno’s One Find Day.


    -Mary Bwakali

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